Bachelorette 2014: Who Got Eliminated on Episode 6 in Italy?
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Bachelorette 2014: Who Got Eliminated on Episode 6 in Italy?

This week, Andi Dorfman and men traveled to Venice, the most romantic city in the world. There, of course, the makeouts continued — well, with everyone except Cody Sattler. But we’ll get to that in a minute.

The first 1-on-1 went to Nick Viall, who was “surprised” to get his second date with the Georgia Peach. They rode on a gondola, wore some masks, then Nick eased Andi’s heartstrings with some mumblings and he got the rose, sending McSalty into the Rose Ceremony totally safesies.

The Group Date was one of the most odd and awkward in Bachelor/ette history, with the guys being subjected to a lie detector test in a cellar. Cue Meet the Focker jokes galore. The men sweated, Chris Soules was outed as Andi’s secret admirer, and it was revealed that some of the men had lied to their interrogators! But Andi decided not to read the results of the tests, so we don’t know who lied about what. What we do know is Dylan Petitt doesn’t wash his hands after using the bathroom. Ew. Just. Ew.

After Dyls removed himself from the date with some cavemen gestures about his tummy tum hurting (maybe ya’ shoulda’ washed your hands, huh Dylan?), Josh Murray and his scarf threw a bit of a hissy about Andi not trusting him. Andi didn’t like it and gave the Group Date Rose to farmer Chris for admitting he’s her secret admirer.

Back to C.Satts, who finally got his first 1-on-1 of the season. Unfortunately, their Romeo and Juliet-themed date ended in almost as much tragedy as Shakespeare intended.

Cody cried to the producers when he talked about his feelsies for the Bachelorette, Andi cried during dinner when she talked about her lack of feelsies for him, and then Cody cried again. Ugh, we’re tapped out on tissues. Andi friend-zoned the blond hulk in a big way — despite his best efforts to convince her that she totes needed to meet his mom and dad. The result? Cody and his V-necks got the dubious honor of being the first guy not to get a rose on his 1-on-1. Don't be too sad for him — we're pretty sure he's going to be OK.

Dun, dun, dun. Rose Ceremony time. Nick and Chris were safe going into it, and one more guy besides Cody had to go home. Would it be salty Josh? Would it be “my tummy hurts” Dylan? Clingy, clingster Marcus Grodd?

Nope. JJ O’Brien, the pantsapreneur, was sent packing. Though he did snag the Group Date Rose last week, we can’t say we’re entirely surprised. JJ has proven himself to be nearly as salty as Nick these days, thanks to his issues with Chris Soules.

So, Cody and JJ are gone, leaving six guys to travel with Andi to Brussels next week. Who will make it through to Hometown Dates? Click here to find out!

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