Who Got Voted Off American Idol Last Night? 5/9/2013
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Who Got Voted Off American Idol Last Night? 5/9/2013

Figuring out who got voted off American Idol last night was not an easy task in the least. All of the Top 3 ladies sang their hearts out this week and we were going to be incredibly sad to see any of them go home. Regardless of who was voted off American Idol tonight, it was going to be a shock to the system.

Before the American Idol results show, our prediction for the person who would probably get kicked off was Kree Harrison — despite her incredibly emotional hometown visit story and her amazing performance of Rascal Flatts’ “Here Comes Goodbye” on American Idol Wednesday night. The voters in our fan poll agreed with us, choosing Kree as the person who would get the boot with a slight margin over Candice Glover. However, other fan polls out there had very different results. Over at Rickey.org, their American Idol results poll had Candice as the clear loser in the vote count tonight.

We disagree with Vote For the Worst that people should have voted for Kree just to thwart the Angie/Candice finale “all the producers have been wishing for all season.” We honestly believed Kree had a chance to make it to the finale ever since we first heard her sing and we just aren’t putting stock in conspiracy theories gaming the show for a Candice/Angie showdown. And let’s not forget that country-loving vote out there is very strong, so you never know what they might pull off!

Very few fan polls out there had Angie Miller as the one who was kicked off American Idol tonight, despite her slightly wobbly track record on the performances show in the past month. Looking over the predictions and polls out there before the American Idol results tonight, it just seemed clear the person who got voted off American Idol tonight would be Kree. Until the last votes are counted though, we can never say for sure.

So who was eliminated on American Idol tonight from the Season 4 Top 3? The fans have voted and the official American Idol results are...

Dim the lights... and the first person through to the American Idol 2013 finale is... Candice Glover! After an endless commercial break the final results are in and... OMG it is a SHOCKING elimination!

The Top 2 going to the finale are Candice Glover and... Kree Harrison! Angie Miller, the former front-runner has been eliminated. She's crying so hard she can't even sing. Kree and Candice appear to be in shock. Even the American Idol judges are freaked out.

Can you believe Angie was eliminated?

05.9.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Laura Vess
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