Who Had the Saddest Death in The Walking Dead? (POLL)
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The Walking Dead

Who Had the Saddest Death in The Walking Dead? (POLL)

Since we're in the midst of a TWD series marathon, we thought we'd bring this early poll back and get your thoughts, so here goes: Read on and vote below! And remember, certain deaths were intentionally left off so as not to spoil others.

The deaths in The Walking Dead are, to put it mildly, complicated. It's not just that death is around every corner, ready to pull you in — although the walkers will do that. It's that some super-unlucky characters actually die two deaths, and the second death is often at the hands of people who love them.

If this were a vote for most complicated, maybe Lori Grimes would win, although it adds to the sadness, too. It's tragic enough to have your wife die in childbirth, but her preteen son having to shoot her afterwards made the whole situation soul-crushing. In a close second would be Merle Dixon, whose relationship with little brother Daryl was complicated enough, and that was before Daryl had to stab his big brother's reanimated corpse in the face.

Because of the crazy outbreak-apocalypse scenario, some deaths are sad just because of the sacrifice. It was almost impossible to watch T-Dog get devoured, even for brave leader Rick Grimes. Oscar's selfless death — gunned down while helping Glenn escape — made us wish we could've known him better. And then there’s Andrea's awful but necessary suicide, which threw us in a vacuum of hopelessness for a second there.

Even deaths that were relatively peaceful (at least in comparison) before the outbreak have become exponentially more painful. While Michael Coleman was only around for one episode, his turning into a Walker post-death from prostate cancer was certainly harrowing. Of course, a death can still be super-sad with only a smidgen of screen time; think Big Tiny.

Wipe your tears away and let us know: whose death has been the saddest so far? Mourn with us in the comments!

They're all so sad! I can't choose.

They're in a better place.