Who Are Hollywood’s Highest Paid Celebrities? (VIDEO)

Prepare to see dollar signs. Parade just revealed the highest paid celebrities currently ruling the roost in Hollywood and the numbers these folks are bringing in have a bit dazed and confused. we’ve never seen so many zeroes in one place before!

Not surprisingly, all of the names on the list are fairly familiar though, we’ll admit, a couple folks have bigger bank accounts than we expected. The biggest surprise? Joe Biden. Sure, being Vice President of the United States has its perks but we never expected to see the 71-year-old train enthusiast rubbing shoulders with the likes of Beyoncé at anything but a fundraising event.

Speaking of Queen B, she earned an astonishing $57 million in 2013, mostly because of her huge win with her surprise studio album Beyoncé. Despite skipping any kind of pre-publicity, the album became the fastest selling in the history of iTunes and added a little extra padding to Bey’s already cushy bank account. And if you really want to question your career choice, E! News broke out the calculators and concluded Beyoncé made $6,507 an hour last year.

Feeling faint? Than you might want to take a seat before seeing who else made the list, including good ole Joe. Keep watching the video above to see what kind of bacon the VP and others bring home.

04.14.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Elisabeth Kramer
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