Who Went Home During American Idol Hollywood Week Round 2 — February 6, 2014
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Who Went Home During American Idol Hollywood Week Round 2 — February 6, 2014

The group performances of American Idol Season 13's Hollywood Week turned out to be a bit of a Hunger Games-style bloodbath.

The group Three Mo' Days — Tony Foster, Jr., David Oliver Willis, and Sarina Joi Crowe — performed well, but Tony's crime was starring downward during the performance, instead of making a connection with his audience. At least he was gracious about his ousting.

Next up were the Backstreet Cowboys — Dexter Roberts, Casey Thrasher, and Ben Briley, whose Backstreet Boys cover got all three dudes through to the next round.

The trio of Alyssa Siebken, Megan Miller, and Spencer Lloyd weren't so lucky. After a disastrous turnout, the judges sent Alyssa packing. Oh, and there are "hidden agendas," apparently.

Ryan Seacrest announced more sad departures: Austin Percario, Stephanie Petronelli, Madison Walker, Keith London, and Madison Walker.

Meanwhile, we got the last shot of Tequila — Tiquila Wilson, that is. The gospel singer believes Idol isn't right for her, and she eliminated herself from the competition with a "stronger sense of self."

The quartet that is Caleb Johnson, Tyler Ahlgren, Matthew Hamel, and C.J. Harris offered up an uneven performance. Caleb was a clear standout, C.J. got by, and the judges nixed Matthew and Tyler.

Sickness threatened to derail the performance by Clarity — Munfarid Zaidi, Jena Asciutto, Allie Odom, and Sikenya Thompson — as Sikenya showed flu-like symptoms and had a hoarse voice. It was a nice hoarse voice, though, and she was one of three survivors. Only Allie was sent home.

In the next group, Savion Wright advanced and John Fox went away, much to Savion's despair.

Up next were Jess Meuse, Nica Nashae, Cara Watson, and Stephanie Hanvey. Jess had trouble remembering the lyrics to "Single Ladies," having defected to this group fairly late in the process. But she managed to get through, as did Nica and Cara. The same can't be said for Stephanie, who tried to leave graciously but is totally embarrassed by her overbearing mother, who immediately started bashing the other girls in the group.

Love's Angels proved to be far inferior to Destiny's Child in their rendition of "Say My Name." Only Emmanuel Zidor made it through, with Terrica Curry and Carmen Delgina headed home.

The next group, Loud and Fierce, lived up to their name in the best way possible. Christina Collins, Olivia Diamond, Queen Bulls, and Malaya Watson all were ushered through.

Tune in next week for the next round of cuts!

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