Who’s the Hottest Harry Potter Star?
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Who’s the Hottest Harry Potter Star?

Looking for a quick way to start a fight among your friends? Ask them this question: Who’s the hottest Harry Potter star? For those of us who grew up reading the novels, we’ve long ago picked our wizard or witch of choice and good luck trying to convince us to change Quidditch teams.

As for the actors who portrayed our fictional favorites on screen, that adds a whole other dimension to this fiercely debated question. We did what we could to narrow the playing field down to three of the series’ leading men: Ron, Draco, and Neville as portrayed by Rupert Grint, Tom Felton, and Matthew Lewis. Sorry, Daniel Radcliffe. Our Sorting Hat of Hotness didn’t pick you this time around.

Who’s the Hottest Harry Potter Star?
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Now the votes are in from Viggle LIVE! users and the winner proves that in the wizarding world, beauty may just go skin deep. That’s right: Draco takes the win with 53 percent of the vote. Tom Felton, you’re so gorgeous you made us forget how mean-spirited your character is!

That left Ron and Neville to face off for second and third places and, in a surprising twist, Longbottom claimed the lead with 25 percent of the vote, three percent more than sexy ginger Rupert Grint. Those homemade sweaters never did do much for his figure.

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