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Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Finale:  Aria, Spencer, and Mona
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Who Is “A” on ‘Pretty Little Liars’? Our Guesses Before the Big Reveal


We only have one more week before we find out who "A" is on Pretty Little Liars once and for all. It doesn’t seem real, but we better get our final guesses in for the identity of the be-hooded villain (or villainous). Given what we learned in last night’s episode — Season 6, Episode 9 (“The Last Dance”) — here are our top “A” suspects heading into the summer finale and the ultimate “A” reveal.


Sara Harvey

“Whatever happens, you mean a lot to me.” These were the ominous words spoken by Sara Harvey to Emily Fields while they were slow-dancing at prom. It sure sounds like Sara might have some inside information about the “A” game and the Liars’ impending doom. We also know that Sara was at the school dance, which means she could have easily slipped on the black hoodie and been the one to kidnap Alison.

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Jason DiLaurentis

Whoever “A” is, he or she obviously has a personal vendetta against the DiLaurentis family. What if it has been Jason all along? He obviously has a lot of pent-up anger regarding his brother Charles. Did he figure out what happened to Charles when he visited his aunt’s house and found his mother hiding him (either dead or alive)? Did he vow to seek vengeance for the imaginary friend/brother he never really got to love?

CeCe Drake

Though we haven’t seen CeCe recently (her last appearance came in the Christmas special), we know what she’s capable of. She apparently murdered Detective Wilden. She once went into Radley, pretending to be Alison. She has lied again and again to the Liars. There’s also the fact that her name bears a resemblance to Charles’. (It may seem like we’re grasping at straws here, but these sorts of things are totally clues on PLL.) Is CeCe Charles’ long lost twin? Or did she simply meet him one day at Radley (or outside) and decide to enact vengeance on his behalf? We’ll find out in next week’s episode.

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Kenneth DiLaurentis

It would be pretty weird for one of the Liars’ fathers to be “A,” but we’re not going to rule it out. Kenneth has always been kind of a terrible person, one who will seemingly stop at nothing to keep his family’s secrets. Did he start straight-up killing people to keep Charles’ existence on the DL? Has he been monitoring and controlling the lives of the people of Rosewood in order to punish those who he perceives to have done his family harm? We wouldn’t put it past this dude.

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Catch the next episode of Pretty Little Liars Season 6 on Tuesday, August 11, 2015 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family.