Who Is “A”? Our Top Suspects From Pretty Little Liars Season 3, Episode 4
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Who Is “A”? Our Top Suspects From Pretty Little Liars Season 3, Episode 4

So, you’re still dying to know who the new “A” is on Pretty Little Liars. Don’t worry — we’ve got our crack team of sleuths on the case, picking up even the tiniest clue for your mystery-solving pleasure. Here are some hints from Season 3, Episode 4: “Birds of a Feather,” that may help us solve this thing for good!

3. Melissa Hastings
Last week’s ranking: 1
Why she might be “A”: Melissa claimed to not know who told her to put on the Black Swan outfit, but it’s hard to believe her. Plus, it’s ridiculous for her to have faked a freakin’ pregnancy just to avoid explaining that she lost Ian’s baby. And we couldn’t help but think it’s quite a coincidence that Aria mentions seeing Melissa’s car insurance info in her apartment, given that this was just before Caleb’s mom’s car accident. Melissa is very hard to completely trust.

Why she might not: Melissa was not doing herself any favors with the way she unconvincingly explained herself to Spencer and her mom, and then she ran upstairs to “go lie down.” And doesn’t Melissa know that holding a big honkin’ knife while talking to Spence doesn’t make herself seem innocent either? Still, we suppose it’s possible that Melissa is telling the truth — just like we suppose it’s possible that there is an honest politician out there somewhere, too.

Who Is “A”? Our Top Suspects From Pretty Little Liars Season 3, Episode 4
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2. Wren Kingston
Last week’s ranking: Didn’t rank
Why he might be “A”: At the end of the episode, we see someone hack into Radley’s system so Mona is allowed visitors. Sure, people on the “A” team probably have Lisbeth Salander-level hacking skills, but we do know that Wren would have access to this system. Plus, the person was drinking alcohol in the airport and left a $50 bill, meaning the person is presumably over 21 and wealthy, both characteristics that describe Dr. Wren. And Wren is never, ever one to turn down a drink.

Why he might not: It seems fishy that Wren is always at Radley and thus has so much access to Mona, but maybe this really is just a coincidence, and Wren is just trying to help Hanna. Wren also seems to be interested in Hanna, which we suppose wouldn’t necessarily make him “A” — although hitting on yet another high-school girl would make him creepy with a capital “C.”

1. Alison DiLaurentis
Last week’s ranking: 3
Why she might be “A”: Ali wasn’t even in the episode this week but manages to reclaim the top spot anyway. (Congrats?) That’s because we got a huge clue about Ali being “A” which came surprisingly from Maya, as that shirt with “I Walked With a Zombie” on it can be construed as a hint that Maya knows that Ali is still alive. Good ol’ Maya — helping us out one last time, even from beyond the grave.

Why she might not be “A”: Would Ali be able to convincingly buy a drink at an airport bar with a fake I.D.? Then again, perhaps “Vivian Darkbloom” was the one purchasing the drink. Either way, we don’t even know for sure yet that Ali is still is alive, but we’re calling it a pretty serious hunch. And let’s just hope that Ali doesn’t start eating brains like most zombies tend to do.

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