Our 4 Final Guesses for Who Is “A.D.” After ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Penultimate Episode

Pretty Little Liars

Our 4 Final Guesses for Who Is “A.D.” After ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Penultimate Episode


This is our last chance to answer the biggest question in Pretty Little Liars: Who is “A.D.”?

The penultimate episode and the final promo for Pretty Little Liars just aired last night, and they’ve given us four final suspects for “Uber A.”

Here’s our list, but we’ll have to wait until next week’s Tuesday series finale to see if we are correct!

#1. Twincer, or a possible Spencer twin

At this point, if Spencer doesn’t have a twin, she might be going crazy herself. (Or all of us fans are.)

Spencer has often exhibited dual personalities in this final season, and we’re pretty sure it all builds up to the fact that she has a twin. Not to mention, she’s the star of the series finale promo.

We could recap every single piece of evidence of Twincer, but let’s focus on the most recent: That love scene with Toby.

Toby straight up tells Spencer, who he has known intimately and otherwise for years and years, that she isn’t acting like herself.

And we as fans can see it, too. She’s not being neurotic or passionate, she’s not trying to save her life, she seems complacent with her fate of going to jail. That’s not Spencer.

Plus, the focus of Mary Drake as her mother puts the Hastings family tree in the spotlight, and we all know twins run in the family.

We’d basically be surprised if “A.D.” wasn’t Twincer; and we would adore watching Troian Bellisario rock that reveal.

#2. Wren Kingston

There’s one caveat to our “Wren is ‘A.D.’” theory: If he’s a villain, he’s probably working with Spencer’s twin.

There’s just no way to explain his and Spencer’s airport conversation that Ezra seems reluctant to interrupt — at least not one that isn’t shady.

Plus, have you seen him in the promo for the finale?

Our favorite Rosewood doctor is holding a gun (equipped with a silencer), and he sure looks like this isn’t the first time he’s pointed it at someone.

What could be the explanation for this? He could be protecting people, but mostly we think that it’s more sinister.

#3. Melissa Hastings

Melissa Hastings Finale

Where there’s Spencer and Wren, there is Melissa Hastings.

Finally, finally, we see that she is back in Rosewood in the promo for the finale, and not only that, but her scene appears to be at the horse ranch where Jessica DiLaurentis took Bethany Young.


Melissa has been suspect from the very beginning, and now it seems entirely possible that her story wraps up somehow with Bethany Young’s and, of course, Charlotte’s and/or CeCe Drake’s.

Do we even need to say that Melissa’s role talking to CeCe the night Alison was buried alive still hasn’t been explained?

#4. Ezra Fitz

Ezra is the ultimate shady Pretty Little Liars boyfriend. This season seems intent on reminding us of all the horrible things Ezra did to his future-wife Aria and her friends.

Plus, he’s always skipping out of the room to “take a phone call” at weird times. His calls from Wesley are like Sara Harvey’s showers.

Bottom line: Ezra as “A.D.” would be a gut punch, and Marlene has always said the reveal would be someone we’ve seen since the beginning.

With only one week left, have your “A.D.” suspects changed? Let us know your final guesses for the ultimate villain!

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