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‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season Finale Finally Reveals Who Is “A.D.”


OMG. The Pretty Little Liars series finale just revealed the answer to the biggest question of all seven seasons: Who is "A.D."?

Honestly, the wait was well worth it for that reveal.

Beware: Major spoilers on the finale of PLL lie ahead!

OK, here goes: Spencer Hastings' twin is "A.D."


The Twincer theory been the biggest fan theory of the whole season, and frankly, we are so, so excited all our Liars-style sleuthing was successful.

Let's break down the huge "A.D." reveal:

It turns out, unbeknownst to the Liars, Spencer had a twin named Alex Drake living in England this whole time, and Wren met her while across the pond and put it all together.

After finding out who killed Charlotte, Alex went back to Wren, but she eventually went back to her old tricks, pretending to be Spencer — just like she did the night Hanna had that "dream."

Jealousy over Spencer's life ultimately drove her crazy — and back to Rosewood to take what was stolen from her: family and friends.

It was Alex who started things back up with Toby, and Alex who was fighting with Wren in the airport. 

She made Wren shoot her so she could be mistaken for her twin. AND THEN SHE KILLED HIM! (She had him made into a diamond.)

Twin theories have always been running rampant around the Pretty Little Liars universe, but the first rumblings of the Twincer theory really started coming in loud when Hanna was abducted and tortured by "A.D."

"Spencer" appeared to Hanna in a dream and it all seemed kind of normal — except she was missing her post-time-jump bangs.

Red flag!

After that big moment, all the weird Spencer moments started popping off the screen: her arm-changing watch, her ping pong ace with Marco Furey, and especially, her bizarre secret airport argument with Wren and her intimate rendezvous with ex Toby.


Marlene King and Sasha Pieterse said in an interview that the show dropped some Easter eggs over the course of Season 7B, and it was so fun to pick them up along the way for a satisfying ending.

Turns out twins really do run in the Drake-Hastings-DiLaurentis family.