Who Is Aiden Mathis From Revenge Season 2?
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Who Is Aiden Mathis From Revenge Season 2?

For those of you who haven’t been hanging on Wetpaint Entertainment’s every spoiler for Revenge Season 2, you were probably more confused than Declan during his entrance exam when British babe, Aiden Mathis, hit the Hamptons shores.

We first see Aiden just chillin’ on the Japanese shores with his homeboy Satoshi Takeda. From the way these two were chatting (and wearing color-coordinated outfits), we have a feeling they go way back.

Aiden then dives into the ocean to “rescue” Emily Thorne from a watery grave, but blondie’s not too pleased with his Baywatch routine when it disrupts her underwater memory bank. Aiden takes an elbow to the face and has a knife to his throat when he says, “Trust me.”

“I already made that mistake once,” Emily spits back.

Who Is Aiden Mathis From Revenge Season 2?
Credit: Karen Neal/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

Ouch! So these two clearly have a history in which Aiden betrayed her in some way. We smell a flashback episode!

But it seems this foreigner won’t let his protective instincts go. In Episode 2, “Resurrection,” we see him taking a roll in the sand dunes while scoping out Em’s house. But wearing all black on the tan beaches isn’t the only way he intends on going undercover.

We see Mr. Mathis in the boardroom at Grayson Global as a representative for Mr. Takeda. If you remember from last season, we were first led to believe that Takeda is a Japanese businessman looking to invest in Grayson Global.

We’re not sure if Takeda sent Aiden to the Hamptons or if he’s gone rogue, but he’s definitely set to get an insider’s look at Em’s enemies.

Who Is Aiden Mathis From Revenge Season 2?
Credit: Colleen Hayes/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    

But the biggest shocker happens when the White-Haired Man has Emily’s throat clasped in his old man hands and takes a bullet in the back — courtesy of Aiden’s gun.

No news on the outcome of that shot, but it looked pretty fatal to us! And according to spoilers and on-set photos, Aiden isn’t going anywhere. Show creator Mike Kelley spills that Aiden is connected to the underwater death we saw in the Season 2 premiere, and he’s also set to be Emily’s first “adult” love.

Speaking of Emily’s loves, Daniel Grayson will confide in Aiden, not knowing about his deeper connection to her, and his presence will cause a slight rift between Ems and her trusty sidekick, Nolan Ross.

So it seems this debonair dude is bringing the drama to the Hamptons — not that the socialites needed any more!

Do you Aiden thus far? Weigh in below!

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