Who Is Chris Buckner? 5 Things to Know About Deena Nicole Cortese’s Boyfriend
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Who Is Chris Buckner? 5 Things to Know About Deena Nicole Cortese’s Boyfriend


Snooki's engagement and new baby make her the most publicly tied-down Jersey Shore star, but she's not the only half of Team Meatball that has a man.

Deena Nicole has been quietly dating her boyfriend, Chris Buckner, for a year, and they couldn't be happier. But who is this guy who's stolen Deena's heart? Here are five things to know about him.

1. He's a Jersey Boy: Deena has confirmed that Chris is from Jersey, and his Facebook says he went to Freehold Township High School, which is in Jersey. (However Chris also says on Facebook that his hometown is Brooklyn, NY.) Deena is also a true Jersey girl, making them the most Jersey-licious Jersey Shore couple yet. Unsurprisingly, these Jersey kids met through friends.

2. He played football in high school: Chris was a wide receiver on his high school football team. We love that he's athletic!

3. He was Deena's first serious Valentine's: Deena told us that Valentine's Day 2012 was the first time "that [she's] really had a boyfriend." Aww.

4. He loves her for her: It sounds like he's really good for our favorite Blast In a Glass. friend Deena's told us Chris loves Deena for who she really is, and he was instrumental with helping her through the tough filming of Season 6.

5. They're inseparable: Deena's friend also told us the pair is together constantly," and Deena is always tweeting about the things they do together.

For more from Chris, you can follow him on Instagram @himynameischrisx.

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