Who Is Bachelor in Paradise Contestant AshLee Frazier?
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Bachelor in Paradise

Who Is Bachelor in Paradise Contestant AshLee Frazier?

There are some Bachelor contestants we’ll never forget. High on our list? AshLee Frazier, whose parents once set out a full heavy wood dining room set on their back lawn for a Hometown Date, then arranged themselves like “The Last Supper.” So while it’s been a bit since Ash side-eyed her way out of Sean Lowe’s life, she’s always been on our mind.

When Bachelor in Paradise kicks off on August, 4, you’d better believe Capital L will be front and center in one of the first waves of drama to hit the beach. And if you’ve been a little distracted by the 70-some Bachelor Nation residents we’ve met since AshLee walked off the set, here’s a little refresher course for ya.

Age: 34

Hometown: Houston, Texas

First appeared: Sean Lowe’s The Bachelor Season 17, finishing a hard third

Other appearances: Just the ones in our dreams...

Occupation: Professional organizer (is she still making that a thing?); fashion blogger; selfie taker

Show dating history: Ooh, boy. Got a minute? Let’s do this. After total devastation on The Bachelor, we kinda thought Capital L would dig her trowel into a rose-free garden. But alas, she just couldn’t resist the aromatic scent of an uncatchable man. She toyed with the idea of dating host Chris Harrison, though we never heard if anything happened there…

But enter Brad Womack, who popped up out of nowhere on her Instagram feed in April 2013, just a month after her finale aired. The pair met through a friend, started dating, went to some weddings, and then broke up a couple months later.

Next, she seemed to be flirting with Season 9 hottie Zak Waddell, but it could just be the fellow Texan thing that motivated the chatter… Although proximity didn’t come into play for her next foray, with Zak’s castmate Michael Garofola, who she dated despite their Miami to Houston commute. Needless to say, it didn’t work out…

Rumors floated around about some other Bachelor Nation boys Ash may have considered, but without confirmation, we’ll let those hang in the wind. As for BiP, however...

Most memorable moment: We’re still being haunted by her stony-faced walkout after being eliminated in Thailand, following a Fantasy Suite date that had some people wondering how firm his “no sex” rule really was. She threw him so much shade, our DVRs nearly shut down.

But that had nothing on what happened at “Women Tell All,” when she called Sean a “frat boy,” said that he told her he had “absolutely no feelings” for either winner Catherine Giudici or runner-up Lindsay Yenter, and then told him he was “unmanly” for not checking in with her after the breakup.

Likelihood of finding love in Paradise: High. “Goal oriented” doesn’t even begin to describe our girl Ash, and she’s never dreamed up a meet-cute she couldn’t nail in her sleep. .

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers: Like we said, when she saw it, she had to have it