Who is Bachelor in Paradise Contestant Daniella McBride?
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Bachelor in Paradise

Who is Bachelor in Paradise Contestant Daniella McBride?

There are a lot of pretty people who hopped a plane to Mexico for Season 1 of Bachelor in Paradise, but none are quite as Baywatch-ready as Daniella McBride. The Bachelor alum lost out on love back in 2013 when a certain blond fella was in charge of making the tough flower deliveries, and didn't make it quite as far as we wanted her to. But now, she's back and prettier than ever. So, just who is this good-looking gal? Read on for a super quick look at her rosy past.


Hometown: Los Angeles

First appeared: Sean Lowe's Season 17

Other appearances: None yet

Occupation: Actress; Casting producer/director

Show dating history: It's been pretty quiet on the Planet D dating front, but we can't imagine at least a few guys haven't tried, considering how beautiful she is.

Most memorable moment: She didn't do a whole lot of impression-making on the show, though we did appreciate the fact that she called out Sean for making her hang around in group dates for six episodes before being eliminated. Because, honestly, that would totally suck.

Likelihood of finding love in Paradise: High. She's stunning, fun, easy-going, and seems like she would definitely bring the party to paradise.

Spoilers: Well, let's just say, don't get too attached...