Who Is Bachelor in Paradise Contestant Danielle Ronco?
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Bachelor in Paradise

Who Is Bachelor in Paradise Contestant Danielle Ronco?

Coming into a new situation partway through is always rough, like transferring into a middle school clique. Our fingers are crossed for Danielle Ronco, who shows up in Paradise on Monday's episode, only to immediately walk into a hornet's nest. And by hornet's nest, we mean the guy that Queen Bee Michelle Money is kinda sorta hanging with/getting lectures from. But no matter, we appreciate a girl who spots her prey and then goes for it, and we have our fingers crossed that the show is better to her than her first bout was.

Age: 25?

Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri

First appeared: That thing we all agreed never to mention again. You know, Juan Pablo Galavis's Season 18 of The Bachelor?

Other appearances: Other? Girl was barely on JPG's stint, even though she got to wear a few of those Rose Ceremony dresses.

Occupation: Nurse, part-time model

Show dating history: Certainly not Juan Pablo

Most memorable moment: Well, it didn't happen on the show exactly, but right after she was cut from the team, she tweeted, "I think the power switch on my mic was off. Or sound ppl hate me. Or I offer no great dialogue."

Likelihood of finding love in Paradise: We're hoping high, but we don't really know her that well yet.

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers: Just the guy she dates. You do the quick math.What do you think of Danni Ronco? Excited to get to know her?