Who Is Bachelor in Paradise Contestant Graham Bunn?
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Bachelor in Paradise

Who Is Bachelor in Paradise Contestant Graham Bunn?

Graham Bunn has been in the Bachelor Nation for years without ever making us feel like maybe he needs to, uh, stop being so into roses. But with two seasons of appearances under his belt, we know that we can count on Graham for plenty of entertainment, a lot of shirtlessness, and a little bit of a good guy vibe among the inherent creepiness. Not familiar with this hottie with the body? Read on, lucky friend.

Age: 36

Hometown: Los Angeles

First appeared: The Bachelorette Season 4 with DeAnna Pappas

Other appearances: Bachelor Pad Season 2

Occupation: Entrepreneur, co-founder 46

Show dating history: He dated Bachelor Pad partner Michelle Money during the show and after for a bit. Now, the pair is back together on Bachelor in Paradise, and anything could happen.

Most memorable moment: Can we just say "Team Moneybuns" and you'll know what we're talking about?

Likelihood of finding love in Paradise: Really high. He's a grown man with plenty of life lived, and purposely went to meet a certain girl. So, how'd that work out for him? Check it out...

Spoilers: If you're wondering if he and Michelle rekindled their romance, we've got the answer. But how about his other dalliances?

What do you think about Graham heading back for a third appearance on the show?