Who Is Bachelor in Paradise Contestant Jackie Parr?
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Bachelor in Paradise

Who Is Bachelor in Paradise Contestant Jackie Parr?

There are few things that sting quite as much as being ditched while on a date. Now, throw in getting ditched in favor of one of the most head-shaking contestants ever on The Bachelor, and you've got a doozie Jackie Parr is rather familiar with. The dark-haired beauty had a stint on Season 17, competing for Sean Lowe, and everything seemed to be going just fine, right up until the point when he dumped her for Tierra LiCausi on a 2-on-1 date. Ouch.

Now, the #totalbabe is back in action on Bachelor in Paradise, and we can't wait to see what's in store for her. Get to know her fast (like, less than six weeks whirlwind engagement fast) with a few facts about Ms. P.

Age: 26? 27? Not positive.

Hometown: Boynton Beach, Florida

First appeared: The Bachelor Season 17 in 2013

Other appearances: Just in this guy's life, until apparently they broke up.

Occupation: Makeup artist

Show dating history: None that we heard of

Most memorable moment: As we mentioned, she was on the receiving end of one of the dumbest dumpings of the show's history (and that's really saying a lot). Only in the excellent bloopers and outtakes did we find out that she's hilarious. Let's hope we see some of that on BiP.

Likelihood of finding love in Paradise: Hot, fun, funny, and abs for days? We're going to go with high.

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers: It rhymes with Yak Ball Durr

Are you a fan of Jackie Parr's? Do you remember her from last year? Hit the comments and dish!