Who Is Bachelor in Paradise Contestant Kalon McMahon?
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Who Is Bachelor in Paradise Contestant Kalon McMahon?

There are a lot of Bachelor Nationers who are just passing memories in the wave of the rose-colored ocean. Kalon McMahon isn’t one of them, as the handsome Houston fella made quite the impression during both of his previous stints on Bachelor franchises. If you’re not one of the faithfuls who’ve been tuning in since 2012 or earlier, here’s all you need to know about Mr. McMahon.

Age: 29

Hometown: Houston, Texas, though he spent some time in SoCal, too.

First appeared: Emily Maynard’s Season 8 of The Bachelorette. We’ll discuss how that went in a little bit...

Other appearances: Bachelor Pad 3, in the summer of 2012. It went better.

Occupation: His show title was “Luxury Brand Consultant,” though he opened a Surfset gym late last year with his then-girlfriend’s brother-in-law. The entrepreneur is also super involved in charities, and had a big hand in Givebones, a foundation that rescues dogs.

Show dating history: On Bachelor Pad, he dated co-star and partner Lindzi Cox, whom he continued to date for a while after the show aired. Distance — he was in Southern California while she was in Seattle — and “a lack of trust” (her words) eventually factored in and caused the pair to split.

Most memorable moment: After arriving on the show in a freaking helicopter, it was hard to imagine that things would get crazier than that. But then, in a moment we’re still not sure he regrets, Kalon did that thing you probably don’t do when you’re competing for a single mom on a television show: He called Emily’s daughter Ricki, “baggage.” It didn’t go well for him, and led us to the other most memorable part of the season. When Doug Clerget told Ems what Kalon had said, she decided to go “West Virginia Hoodrat Backwoods on his ass,” pledging to “rip his limbs off and beat him with them.” So, he left after that…

Likelihood of finding love in Paradise:

But actually, he had a pretty redeeming stint on Bachelor Pad, and has been keeping his nose clean since that, so who knows? Oh, well, read on..

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers: Well? And.. hmm, okay.

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