Who Is Bachelor in Paradise Contestant Lucy Aragon?
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Bachelor in Paradise

Who Is Bachelor in Paradise Contestant Lucy Aragon?

There is a girl who's pretty and sweet, and she wrote a rose song to make you tap your feet. She hates wearing clothes and prefers to be naked, and when she hits the beach on Paradise, we hope her heart doesn't get, uh, break...ed. Alright, we'll leave the songwriting for Lucy Aragon, but we gave it a shot.

The silly, sassy lassy showed up on our small screens in January of 2014, and we haven't been able to get her off our minds since. Get to know her:

Age: 25

Hometown: Los Angeles via Santa Barbara

First appeared: Juan Pablo Galavis's Season 18

Other appearances: So much nudity on YouTube and Instagram. Oh, and she's the naked chick who you're staring at right now on your way to Burning Man. That girl, that's our Lucy.

Occupation: YouTube star? Model? Social media personality? Yeah yeah, we know, it's "free spirit" forevs.

Show dating history: She was dating the Snapchat CEO, so we highly doubt some slob from a small state with a 9-5 is going to entertain her...

Most memorable moment: Most of her memorable moments have been on the Internet, with her song about JPG going down in history forever in our hearts.

Likelihood of finding love in Paradise: Lucy in love would be so fun. But like we said, we bet she’ll hard pass on all these bros the second she lands.

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers: We heard she had quite the stabby time before making her appearance, since she was kept cooped up in a hotel instead of getting to make her appearance. So, she headed home for a bit until it was time for her shining moment (maybe related to this). But that's just what we heard...

What do you think of Lucy's appearance on Bachelor in Paradise? Is she there for the right reasons or just trying to get material for her next ditty?