Who Is Bachelor in Paradise Contestant Marcus Grodd?
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Bachelor in Paradise

Who Is Bachelor in Paradise Contestant Marcus Grodd?

Did you guys notice? Marcus Grodd is hot. If you asked Season 10 Bachelorette Andi Dorfman, that's pretty much all she would have to say about him, repeatedly. The then-25-year-old former soccer player, who is originally from Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada, has a complicated family back story, jumps quickly into love, and steals the screen whenever he has the chance. So, now that he's all set to star on Bachelor in Paradise, we needed a quick look-back at our time with him thus far. Feel like joining in the walk down memory lane?

Age: 26

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

First appeared: Andi Dorfman's Season 10

Other appearances: Nightly, in our dreams. Seriously, he's just as hot in REM.

Occupation: Sports Medicine Manager, part-time amateur stripper

Show dating history: Nope, but he sure makes a great debut step.

Most memorable moment: Honestly, from the first time Marcus stepped onscreen to the last time we saw his gorgeous mug grace the tele, we've been rapt. The first one to tell Andi he loved her, we were scared for him that he was dropping the L-word after just a couple episodes. Lucky for Andi Dorfman, she wasn't that scared, and his incredible eyes, flawless body, and willingness to dance to bands he'd never heard of, in front of other people, with enthusiasm, kept him in the game for a while.

The two best Marcus moments, though? The time he and Andi rappelled off the side of a casino in Connecticut and, when they were right outside the window of the other guys' hotel room, he turned to Andi and asked if he could kiss her. She said no, but we still gave him points for his ballsy question. The other best? His striptease, of course. But while Andi may have appreciated the one on his Dallas Hometown Date more than the Episode 2 one, we have to disagree. There's just something really sketch about showing up to an abandoned strip club in an office park in the middle of the day in Dallas, Texas, with a pilot uniform waiting on a rolling rack, and only Andi and a handful of producers hanging out... doesn't exactly scream romance, eh?

Likelihood of finding love in Paradise: We're going to go with "really, really, really, really high." Read on, friend.

Spoilers: Yeah, did we mention this one?

What do you think of Marcus going from head over heels in love with Andi to ready for a new adventure in just a couple months flat? Hit the comments and weigh in!