Who Is Bachelor in Paradise Contestant Marquel Martin?
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Bachelor in Paradise

Who Is Bachelor in Paradise Contestant Marquel Martin?

Andi Dorfman made a lot of great decisions on The Bachelorette, but there's always been one that stuck out in our minds as a huge mistake: dismissing Marquel Martin super early. The snappy dressing Las Vegas resident quickly became a fan favorite, forever locked in our hearts as Prints Charming. We're curious to see how the Cookie Monster will take his mix-n-match dapperness to beachwear, but if anyone can do it, it's Marquel. So long as he doesn't try to tie a plaid scarf over a palm tree-print tank top...

Want to get to know Marquel a little better before the big fight begins? Here's the stats on our fave fella.

Age: 27

Hometown: Las Vegas

First appeared: Andi Dorfman's Season 10

Other appearances: Let's be straight: probably at least one mall

Occupation: Sponsorship salesman for the UFC

Show dating history: Nada, not even Andi, really. They had no 1-on-1 dates, no kisses... heck, as far as we're concerned, Marquel is a show virgin.

Most memorable moment: The first moment we met him, when he showed up with a box of cookies for Andi, including a half black, half white one, because get it?

Likelihood of finding love in Paradise: It'd be a whole lot higher if we were there, but we're sure he does juuuust fine.

Spoilers: In fact, it sounds like he's cleaning up in Mexico.