Who Is Maurice Townsend? American Idol 2014 Contestant Background Info
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Who Is Maurice Townsend? American Idol 2014 Contestant Background Info

If we've said it once, we've said it a hundred times: We love us a reality TV show contestant with cute kids. And we like that reality TV show contestant even better when he or she is also talented.

So imagine how thrilled we were when Maurice Townsend made his American Idol Season 13 debut during the January 22 auditions. And based on the response he got on Twitter, we weren't alone in liking Maurice, who works as a church music minister and is also a full-time student.

"Maurice had me moving truly amazing!," tweeted one new convert.

"Aww, music minister and family man...plus Maurice can sang! Cutie pie kids, ur daddy's goin through #IdolDetroit moments rock!!" added another. We're expecting #risingstar and #MusicMinister to be trending soon, too.

But don't just think Maurice's cute kids (this 26-year-old has four of 'em!) got him through to Hollywood. All three judges were also blown away by his powerful rendition of John Legend's "So High" (not exactly an easy song to sing). To make the moment even more memorable, the judges had one of Maurice's kids tell him the good news. Too. Much. Cute.

Expect to see a lot more of Maurice. He made it to this season's Top 31 after a great rendition of "Wrecking Ball"! Fingers crossed he gets all the way to Live Shows so we can see more of that adorable family of his, too!

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