Who Is Bachelor in Paradise Contestant Michelle Money?
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Bachelor in Paradise

Who Is Bachelor in Paradise Contestant Michelle Money?

There's no doubt about it: some casts are just hotter than others. Adding to the overall beauty of Bachelor Nation is Michelle Money, two-time star of the rosiest show on the small screen, and single mom. Her first round on the show wasn't exactly the best way to make her debut, in terms of the "I didn't come here to make friends" aspect, but she never ceased to entertain us. Next, mom of Brielle popped over to the Pad to meet her once-love, team up to come in second, and redeem herself perfectly.

Remember Michelle? Cool. Don't? Read on.

33? Yeah, 33, we'll go with that.

Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah

First appeared: The Bachelor Season 15, aka Brad Womack's second try

Other appearances: Bachelor Pad Season 2, with Graham Bunn as her partner on "Team Moneybuns"

Occupation: Esthetician, salon owner

Show dating history: Michelle and Graham were more than just partners on Bachelor Pad: they were also loves on and off-screen for a little while. We miss those days. Oh, yeah, and then there's the secret, unspoken thing about Michelle and Chris Harrison. But shh, because no one speaks of that.

Most memorable moment: During her time on The Bachelor, Michelle was, er, outspoken, to say the least. Between telling Brad that the other ladies were just little girls, calling them out for being less great than she was, and showing everyone else up on the Sports Illustrated photo shoot, we somehow don't know how she came out of it relatively unfazed. Sure, some people might think she was the villain, but she more than made up for it by becoming one half of the favorite couple on Bachelor Pad later that year.

One great day, Michelle turned 30 on Bachelor 15, and she didn't let anyone forget it even for one moment. In fact, she mentioned about a dozen times on the day that filming happened (it's September 28, in case you were wondering), and they all got aired. It was pretty amusing, since we take our birthdays pretty seriously as well...

Likelihood of finding love in Paradise: Uh, high? She's real great, so maybe it's just wishful thinking on our parts, but it's up there.

Spoilers: Here's some. Do Michelle Money and Graham Bunn Hook Up? But, do they? Does she get with anyone else?

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