Who Is Bachelor in Paradise Contestant Sarah Herron?
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Bachelor in Paradise

Who Is Bachelor in Paradise Contestant Sarah Herron?

We're not cynics per se, but there are some members of Bachelor Nation we really just don't think about. Ever. Sarah Herron? Not one of them. The Season 17 Bachelor alum is back and better than ever on Bachelor in Paradise and we are so excited to see her get another shot at love. While we've seen a lot of crying, cursing, drinking, and yelling in the promo for the show, we have a feeling Sarah is only involved in the fun parts. Why? Because we want to be besties with her, and so we just look the other way (because our wine is over there).

Forgot about Sarah? For shame. Read on and we'll pretend it never happened...

Age: 27

Hometown: Los Angeles

First appeared: Sean Lowe's Season 17 of The Bachelor

Other appearances: Naw dawg.

Occupation: Advertising exec

Show dating history: Probably, look at her.

Most memorable moment: Sarah, Sarah, Sarah. Girl, you made your time on the show really count. Unfortunately, it didn't work out with Sean, but that wasn't for lack of trying. Although Sarah has part of one arm missing, she didn't back down from the hugely-physical challenges that made up the 2013 season. Whether it was going up against girls who were super vicious (looking at you, Tierra) in roller derby, trying to lug bales of hay, jumping off the side of a building, or plunging into a freezing lake, Sarah never let her disability get in the way.

You know what did get in the way though? After that tierrable lake date in Canada, in which Tierra "got hypothermia" and distracted everyone from Sean, somehow El Bachelor decided that it wasn't the girl with mascara running down her face in a robe not participating who he didn't connect with. Nope, he said it was Sarah, and to tell her, he took her out of the group, walked her down the hall, broke up with her, then walked her back to the girls so she could say goodbye, and then left her alone to carry her own suitcase. #WhoSaysChivalryIsDead.

Likelihood of finding love in Paradise: Let's just say our fingers are crossed, and so are our toes an ears and all the things, because we love her.

Spoilers: Actually, not really

What do you think about Sarah Herron heading to Mexico for another shot at love?