Who Is Bachelor in Paradise Contestant Zack Kalter?
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Bachelor in Paradise

Who Is Bachelor in Paradise Contestant Zack Kalter?

Season 9 Bachelorette alum Zack Kalter is back on TV, and certainly better than we’ve ever seen him before. We always suspected he was a not-so-secret awesome dude, but now we’re getting the chance to watch it all play out on camera. Last we saw him, he was just another guy who didn’t make it far on the rose-scented show, and now it’s time to get your nose deep into the book of Zack Kalter.

Want to know who this dreamboat is? We’ve gotchu.

Age: 29

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

First appeared: Desiree Hartsock’s Season 9 of The Bachelorette in 2013

Other appearances: He’s that guy who sat behind you in that one lecture in college. You know, the cool guy in the Chuck Taylors.

Occupation: Book publisher, children’s book author, babe

Show dating history: There’s been talk of Zack having flirtations in real life, but no real relationships per se.

Most memorable moment: He did none things on the show, barely got a minute on screen, and just stood in the background, being attractive until he got eliminated on Episode 4

Likelihood of finding love in Paradise: Well, he came in guns blazing to hang with Clare Crawley, but we’ve heard Jackie Parr might be the next babe to get a look at the next chapter of Mr. Zack Kalter.

What do you know about Zack? Is he your favorite or just another guy you never got to know?