X Factor 2013: Who Is Top 16 Contestant Danie Geimer?
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The X Factor

X Factor 2013: Who Is Top 16 Contestant Danie Geimer?

If you appreciate geekiness, self-deprecation, and big, amazing, perfectly controlled voices, X Factor 2013 contestant Danie Geimer is your girl. The 16-year-old Northridge, California, high school student may come across as a nerdtastic teen, but she is so much more than she’d have you believe.

On September 18, the neuroscience lover wowed judges with her rendition of “House of the Rising Sun.” New judge Kelly Rowland flipped her lid at Danie’s singing prowess, declaring “Miss thing, you are IT!” and Demi Lovato must have really liked her as well. After sailing through the first rounds, Danie was one of 10 remaining girls who fought it out during the Four Chair Challenge — and she grabbed a spot in the Top 4 to work with Demi in Live Shows!

Danie described her motivation for going on the reality competition show by explaining that she wanted all the people who step over her in the hallways of school to know they’re “tripping over a star.” And though she has dreams of being a neurosurgeon, she says that’s just a “backup” for her real hope: Singing.

When she’s not singing or studying neuroscience, she loves to read and play softball. She also used to have a bunny, which she tweets and posts about sometimes. Um, D? What happened to the bunny? We really need to know...

If you want to know what makes Danie tick, you can check out her Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages. Plus, starting on October 16, we’ll be able to see more of the Top 16 when the X Factor Season 3 competition heats up. Do you think she has what it takes to to win?

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