Who Is Danielle Brooks? 5 Things to Know About the Orange Is the New Black Star
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Orange is the New Black

Who Is Danielle Brooks? 5 Things to Know About the Orange Is the New Black Star

Danielle Brooks was a newbie on the acting scene when she caught America's attention as the amazingly lovable Tasha "Taystee" Jefferson on Orange Is the New Black. However, while fans know Danielle is obviously an awesome actress, many don't know much else about her.

So for those of you looking to learn a little more about Danielle, we've rounded up five fun and interesting facts about her life.

1. She went to Juilliard. Danielle might be new to the professional screen acting scene, but it's no surprise she's talented, since she graduated from one of the best acting schools in the country.

2. She's besties with Poussey in real life. Danielle and Samira Wiley (Poussey) don't just play best friends on TV, they're good friends in real life, and have been since before the show started (they attended Juilliard together).

3. She grew up in the church. Her father is a minister, and her mother is a Deacon. She strives to keep her moral center, even in the tough world of acting.

4. She's going to be on the next season of Girls. From one prestigious show to another! You can catch Danielle in an episode of controversial HBO comedy Girls in its upcoming Season 3.

5. She loves playing misfits and underdogs. No wonder she's such a perfect fit for Taystee!

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