Harry Styles

Who Is Harry Styles’s Mystery Date? (VIDEO)

At the rate Harry Styles is making waves in the dating pool, he might qualify for his own T-shirt soon! And the newest name to potentially claim a spot after “Taylor Swift” and “Kendall Jenner” (among others) is this mystery lady’s.

The One Direction boy bander and the woman in question were spotted out and about in Harry’s familiar stomping grounds of London earlier this month. But who is she? That’s what we were wondering and thankfully the ace team over at E! Online is on the case!

In a photo of the two together, the white-haired young lady looks asleep at the wheel but don’t worry. Her closed eyes probably have more to do with the flashes of paparazzi cameras than catching up on her beauty rest. We know we’d be eyes wide open if we were ever lucky enough to meet Harry, but anyway...

Giving the snap a closer look, we have to say the gossip she’s his new gf seems a little, well, gossipy. They don’t look particularly chummy in the pic, which makes sense based on what E! dug up on the silver fox.

Based on what E! discovered though you can rest assured this mystery date is just a friend and in fact does hair for the boy band. Phew. That was a close one!

Watch the video above for a cute reminder of why you love 1D!