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Chris Harrison

Who Is Chris Harrison Dating? You Asked, We Answer!

We've been watching The Bachelor and its sister-friend, The Bachelorette, for over a decade (OMG, we're so old), so you can imagine our shock back when news broke that Chris Harrison was divorcing his wife of 18 years, Gwen. Basically, we morphed into Season 9’s Chris Siegfried and wrote a million poems about our feelings.


Chris and Gwen split up back in 2012 (sob, what about the children), and Bachelor Nation has been waiting with bated breath to find out which lucky lady would win this host with the most's heart. It's been a wild ride full of rumors, speculation, and questionable man-blouses, but it appears as though Chris has dated approximately three people since his split — at least that the public knows about.



First there was the really awkward time that he went on a date with Justin Bieber's mom, Pattie Mallette, and then pretended that it totally wasn't a date. Then there was the time he fled the country to have a tropical Caribbean adventure with a sexy blonde named Kelly Sarac. Finally —and most recently –– there was his rumored fling with Bachelor 17 contestant Selma Alameri, who has denied claims that she was Chris's girlfriend despite reports that were like “yeah, OK, sure Selma…” But, what does this all mean, you ask?


Well, it appears as though Chris Harrison is single and ready to mingle with you in a giant pile of rose petals. You're welcome forever. Also, does anyone else think this dude should just throw caution to the wind and become ABC's next Bachelor 2016? Give the people what they want, Chris!