Which Bachelorette Contestant Is the Best Match for Desiree Hartsock?
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The Bachelorette

Which Bachelorette Contestant Is the Best Match for Desiree Hartsock?

Desiree Hartsock has almost reached the finish line in her race to find love on The Bachelorette! Hometown dates are around the corner, Des is "in love" with all kinds of hotties, and the time has come to figure out which of this gal's four finalists is her ultimate match.

The contenders? Zak Waddell, an adventurous drilling engineer who loves sketchbooks; Chris Siegfried, a poem-obsessed mortgage lender who Des thinks has huge man-parts; Brooks Forester, for whom Des recently declared her undying love; and Drew Kenney, who looks like a living Ken Doll.

Each of these hotties has something to offer Desiree (and we're not just talking about their ability to procreate), but the time has come to separate the weak from the strong.

First up, Zak. While Desiree is attracted to his fun-luvin' attitude and fetish for full-frontal nudity, we're not sure they have a deep emotional connection. Whereas Des' relationship with Chris is so emotional they can barely look at each other without breaking into spontaneous verse.

And then there's Brooks. He and Desiree have the strongest physical attraction, and one of the strongest friendships. Did you see how much fun they had getting high on that giant cloud? Of course you did, it took up about 30 minutes of screen time.

But guys, let's not rule out Drew. He and Des haven't spent that much alone time together onscreen, but their chemistry is off-the-charts, and it looks like their family values line up!

There's no doubt that Des' pack of potential husbands is wonderful, but who do you think is the best match for our beautiful Bachelorette? Hit the poll!

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