Who Is Doctor Maggie Pierce on Grey’s Anatomy?
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Who Is Doctor Maggie Pierce on Grey’s Anatomy?

It's pretty safe to say we're going to be hearing a lot about Dr. Margaret "Maggie" Pierce (Kelly McCreary) on Grey's Anatomy Season 11, since the Season 10 finale ended with the bombshell that she's Ellis Grey's daughter — potentially, we're supposed to assume, by Richard. But who exactly is this character? We've already given you the rundown on the actress who plays her, and here's what we know about the character so far.

1. She's a bit of a prodigy. We're not sure exactly how old Maggie is, but the actress who plays her is only 32. She's definitely young to be the new head of Cardio but, as she explained in her interview with Cristina, she's very driven and basically flew through school, finishing both high school and med school early.

2. She might need to work on putting her foot down. We saw Maggie struggle to control Cristina during the finale. Is that a hint that her youth is going to make it hard for her to act as an authority figure? It's hard to know. After all, this is Cristina we're talking about — she rarely listens to anyone if she thinks she's in the right.

3. She feels a bit isolated. As she explained to Richard at the end of the Season 10 finale, Maggie's feeling isolated and alone in her new job. If she sticks around next season, which we expect she will, it will be interesting to see who, if anyone, she ends up befriending.

4. She's adopted... and Ellis is her mom. Of course, this is the biggy. As Maggie explained to Richard, she's adopted. About two years ago she tracked down her birth mother and learned it was Ellis Grey. That's not why she took the job at Grey Sloan Memorial, but she admitted that it's a "little bit" why she interviewed there in the first place.

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