Who Is Dre Davis? 6 Things to Know About the New PLL Cast Member
Who Is Dre Davis? 6 Things to Know About the New PLL Cast Member
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Pretty Little Liars

Who Is Dre Davis? 6 Things to Know About the New PLL Cast Member


Dre Davis will be joining the Pretty Little Liars cast as recurring character Kimberly Brown in Season 6. Kimberly is described as a tomboy-like character who “used to brim with confidence” but now has to “deal with a lot in order to get her old self back.” Who is Dre? Here are 6 things to know about the actress!

She used to be a model on Project Runway. If Dre looks familiar, perhaps you are a Project Runway fan. Dre was a model on the eighth season of the fashion competition show. Sadly, she never made it past the second week. We’re hoping her stint on PLL lasts longer!

She has a beautiful show reel. If you’re curious how Dre comes across on camera, check out her show reel, highlighting her on-screen charisma and beauty. We’re excited to see how Dre’s vibe fits into the world of PLL.

She’s from Cornwall, Connecticut. Dre calls New England home. As you can see in this video interview with the actress/model, she comes from a small town of 1,000. Hopefully, it’s a nicer place to grow up than Rosewood.

She loves books. In addition to acting and modeling, Dre is also a writer. What inspires her? She says: “One thing that inspires me is books and music and walking. So, three things. That’s it. Just those three things.” Cute! We think we’re going to like this newest addition to the PLL cast.

She could be playing Bethany Young. Ever since Dre posted a (since deleted) photo of herself wearing a yellow top similar to the one Ali and Bethany were wearing the night of Bethany’s apparent death, PLL fans have been busy speculating that Kimberly could actually be Bethany. (Or maybe Sara Harvey?) Yes, this seems like a big jump considering PLL already pulled a switcheroo on the identity of the body found in Ali’s grave once, but it isn’t completely out of the question. Especially given this voice comparison of Bethany and Dre. What do you think? Do they sound like the same person?

If she gets a P.H.D., her name will be Dr. Dre Davis. You all could have figured this one out by yourselves, but we thought we’d make the logical jump for you. You’re welcome. Maybe Dre will have a future career as a wildly successful music producer?

Are you as excited to welcome Dre to the PLL family as we are? What do you think Kimberly will be up to in Season 6? Sound off in the comments below!

Pretty Little Liars Season 6 premieres on June 2nd at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family.