Who Is Elissa Slater on Big Brother 15?
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Who Is Elissa Slater on Big Brother 15?

Elissa Reilly Slater walked into the Big Brother 15 house with a not-so invisible target on her back. It was quickly revealed that she was the sister of Big Brother “legend” Rachel Reilly, who won BB13. Elissa's name power helped her win MVP for a couple of weeks, until the twist changed, but it left her a huge target in the house.

On Week 8, when she was on the block with her Mom Squad ally Helen Kim, Elissa seemed defeated and said if she was eliminated, she wanted to go home, not to the jury. She missed her husband and son. Instead, Elissa won the Power of Veto and Helen went home. After that, Elissa won the Week 9 Head of Household challenge and gained a bit of power. She was bullied relentlessly by Amanda Zuckerman, but stayed strong and earned the respect of many fans at home. Unfortunately, she made a final four deal with Amanda, McCrae Olson and Andy Herren that went sour thanks to Andy's new alliance. Amanda and Elissa both went home in the double eviction on Week 10.

So who is Elissa, outside the game? The 28-year-old nutritionist has an 8-year-old son, Riley, and she's been married for over a year to a guy named Brent Slater, who has three children from a previous marriage. We saw glimpses of Brent and Riley when visiting her HoH room, and Amanda has been mocking Elissa’s husband (and plastic surgery) as part of her “torture” campaign.

Brent runs a place called Advance Door Systems Ltd outside Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. He recently talked to the local Saskatchewan TV news about Elissa, saying Rachel is actually the one who introduced them. After the show, Brent said, Elissa is planning to move to Canada but maintain a home in the U.S. (CBS lists her hometown as Concord, North Carolina, with her current residence as Kannapolis, N.C.) He said Elissa loves it up there and finds Canadians to be the nicest people.

Elissa was actually on TV before Big Brother. She was featured during a May 2012 episode of Anderson Live about "bridezillas." Apparently she asked one of her bridesmaids to remove her braces for the wedding, among other demands. She was also on The Brides of Beverly Hills in November 2012.

Who Is Elissa Slater on Big Brother 15?
Credit: @ElissaReillyS    

There are tons of wedding details on Elissa and Brent's wedding website. According to the site, they got engaged on February 14, 2011 and were married on June 30, 2012 in Costa Rica.

Here’s Elissa sharing their love story: "I am Elissa Reilly. I had sworn off dating until the weekend I spent getting to know Brent. I am currently a licensed hair stylist/entrepreneur/RNA and trying to finish nursing school. I was going into my second year of nursing school when I met Brent. When we began our journey I was completely not wanting anything serious. After a weekend of spending time together I knew I could not put aside my feelings for Brent. We began our world wind romance and it continues to get BETTER!! ... Brent and I met through my sister Rachel. I was visiting my sister for my birthday. Rachel had to work so she suggested I meet one of her friends (Brent) while she finished up work. We completely hit it off and have been together ever since!"

During his interview, Brent said Elissa does yoga just as often outside the house as she’s been doing inside. In her CBS bio, Elissa said the most most difficult part about living inside the BB house would be “Not talking to my husband or son. It will be difficult because I’m not away from both of them at the same time ever. I’m with either one or the other.”

According to Elissa’s own website, she volunteers at the homeless shelters, the local Christian radio station, and various church programs in the Charlotte, NC area. If she won Big Brother, she’d “Use it to minister and help others.”

Were you Team Elissa this season?

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