Who Is Enzo Cilenti? 5 Things to Know About Yezzan Actor
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Game of Thrones

Who Is Enzo Cilenti? 5 Things to Know About Yezzan Actor

New Game of Thrones character Yezzan will be portrayed by newcomer Enzo Cilenti, but what do we know about this new face? Here are five fun facts to know about Enzo before Season 5.

1. He was in Guardians of the Galaxy. Enzo appeared in the hottest film of the moment (if you haven’t seen it, go see it) as a watchtower guard at the Kyln. Quite a coup for this guy to score Guardians and GoT in the same year!

2. He has famous family. Enzo’s step-father was guitarist and folk musician Isaac Guillory, though Isaac passed away before Enzo married his daughter, Sienna.

3. He was in Rome. Like a number of other GoT stars like Indira Varma (Ellaria Sand) and Ciaran Hinds (Mance Rayder), Enzo cut his teeth on HBO’s other bloody, sexed-up period drama.

4. He digs languages. Enzo has a degree from the University of Nottingham in French and Hispanic studies. Hopefully Yezzan gets to speak some crazy language on GoT!

5. His wife also acts. Enzo’s wife, Sienna Guillory, has appeared in a number of films, including the dragon-centric movie, Eragon. Maybe Enzo can ask her for some tips in dragon-handling!

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