Who Is Glee Guest Star Adam Lambert Dating?
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Who Is Glee Guest Star Adam Lambert Dating?

Last night on Glee, Adam Lambert made his big debut as in Season 5, Episode 4: “A Katy or a Gaga.” The glam rock American Idol alum is playing NYC up-and-coming artist Elliott “Starchild” Gilbert, who rumors say will be a rival for Kurt (Chris Colfer). But as we watched the two butt heads, we couldnt help but thinking that all this fighting felt a lot like chemistry and sexual tension. Yes, we know Kurt is an engaged man. We love him with Blaine.

But there was a spark between Kurt and Elliott that we just couldn't ignore. So while we don't know what the future will hold for their characters, we couldn't help but wonder about the actor's love lives. Chris Colfer is happily dating boyfriend Will Sherrod — they even dressed in a Star Wars couples costume for Halloween, and we died of acute awesomeness overload — but what about Adam's love life?

Plenty of Glee fans already know Adam from American Idol Season 8, or from the generally successful music career that followed his second-place finish that year. That said, we're sure some of you are being introduced to Adam and his awesome voice for the first time, and many more of you might not know the ins and outs of his life.

Who Is Glee Guest Star Adam Lambert Dating?
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Since we assume a large chunk of the audience is going to come aware from his first appearance with a hardcore crush (his voice you guys!), we're here to answer a very pressing question: Who, if anyone, is Adam dating?

Sorry, ladies — this crooner is out and proud. However, any guys who have their eyes on the singer can keep that fantasy fire burning, because as far as we know he's single.

Adam had been dating entertainment reporter and reality TV veteran Sauli Koskinen since November of 2010, but the pair parted amicably this past April. While there were some rumors about a new man in his life soon after the split, he confirmed he was single in July, and we haven't heard any other relationship rumors since then.

Of course, between touring with Queen (yes, the Queen), starring and Glee, and his own music, Adam has more than enough on his plate as is!

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