Who Is Indira Varma? 5 Things to Know About Ellaria Sand Actress on Game of Thrones
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Who Is Indira Varma? 5 Things to Know About Ellaria Sand Actress on Game of Thrones

Dorne grows! Actress Indira Varma has been cast as Ellaria Sand for Game of Thrones Season 4, making Ellaria the second confirmed Dornish character to come to the show next year (the first was Oberyn Martell, her lover).

Want to know more about Indira? Here are five things to know about the latest addition to the Game of Thrones world.

1. She's half Indian, half Swiss, and was raised in England. Many fans are thrilled to see an Indian actress cast in the role, since many envisioned Ellaria as looking Indian, Middle Eastern, or North African.

2. She was on Rome. We're pretty convinced someone in the Game of Thrones casting department loved this short-lived HBO epic as much as we did, as Indira is the third actor from Rome to travel over to Westeros — the first two were Ciarán Hinds (Mance Rayder) and Tobias Menzies (Edmure Tully)

3. She likes to expand her horizons. Indira has said that she'd love to "be in every single genre" over the course of her career.

4. If she wasn't an actress, she would have worked with languages. Indira speaks French and has a love of languages. She thinks she may have been a teacher if she hadn't gone into acting.

5. She's been told to lose weight. Like far too many actresses, there have been times that Indira was told to lose weight to better conform to Hollywood standards, and she ended up realizing that "I just wasn’t born with the right bone structure or length of limb for Tinseltown. I ended up in the 'nearly attractive' category." Given how gorgeous and slender she is, that's madness.

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