Who Is Josh, the Guy Jenelle Evans Dated on Teen Mom 2?
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Who Is Josh, the Guy Jenelle Evans Dated on Teen Mom 2?

Jenelle Evans turned over a new leaf on tonight's all-new episode of Teen Mom 2. It was out with the old (adios, Keeeefah!) and in the with new (helloooo, Josh).

So what's this dude hiding under his sweeping man-bangs? We don't know much about Josh yet, but he seems like an upstanding young gentleman who truly respects women. Well, aside from that time that he stole his mom's credit cards to buy stuff for his truck and got slapped with a pesky probation.

But wait, that sounds just like someone we know! Yes, we're talking about jailbird Jenelley, aka Ke$ha's biggest fan, who also admitted to going klepto on her mom's plastic. Could these two have any more in common?!

The answer is yes. These young lovahs have unhealthy obsessions with hooded sweatshirts, cheese sticks, and bowling alleys, all of which are the foundation for any healthy relationship. OK, maybe not, but anything's better than Kieffer, right?

Although it's unclear how their budding relationship will play out during Season 3 of Teen Mom 2, we do know — SPOILER ALERT! — that it wasn't meant to be. Jenelle is currently married to the love of her life, a 26-year-old roofer named Courtland Rogers, who popped the question in a mall food court a few weeks into their relationship.

Sorry, Josh. You win some, you lose some!

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