Who Is Kenny Ryan From Revenge Season 2?
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Who Is Kenny Ryan From Revenge Season 2?

In last Sunday’s episode of Revenge, we were introduced to a seemingly sinister newcomer named Kenny Ryan. Mr. Ryan was the owner of the Hamptons mansion that Declan and his new buddy Trey Chandler did a horrible job of robbing.

Kenny was alerted to Declan’s involvement when the teen left his driver’s license at the scene like a calling card. Fortunately, Kenny didn’t press charges, but things got tricky when Jack thanked him and offered to return the favor.

“You know what, barkeep, I’m going to hold you to that,” Kenny replied with a creepy smile.

Yikes! Way to go, Declan.

Kenny is played by Teen Wolf actor JR Bourne, and we hear his role will get even bigger as the season progresses. How I Met Your Mother star Michael Trucco has been signed on to play Kenny’s brother, Nate.

We have a feeling that the Ryan brothers will stir up some trouble in the Porters’ lives.

What do you think of this new character? Weigh in below!

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