Who Is Lorde Dating? Fast Facts on Boyfriend James Lowe
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Who Is Lorde Dating? Fast Facts on Boyfriend James Lowe

She's kind of over getting told to throw her hands up in the air (so there) but Lorde — aka Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O'Connor — is not over hanging out with one lucky guy: James K. Lowe. Here are five quick facts on the New Zealand native's boyfriend.

1. He's seven years older

Seven years isn't a huge gap, but the music star is only 17 (she actually just turned 17 in November) and James is 24. To some, that might be too large an age difference, but it works for them.

2. He's a photographer

You can see selected works from his portfolio on his website, JamesKLowe.com. It looks like he's won several young artist awards and he's been featured in exhibits across the Auckland, NZ area. He's been photographed with Lorde a few times, including in Auckland back in November when they were seen at the beach. She's hugging him from behind in a bikini and you can see he has a couple of tattoos on his arms and upper chest.

Who Is Lorde Dating? Fast Facts on Boyfriend James Lowe
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3. They're on each other's team Instagrams

As her boyfriend, James gets rare access to Lorde's performances, and since he's a photographer, that leads to some creative Instagram images of the singer in action. Sometimes it just leads to sharing beautiful profile shots of his girlfriend, like this one, with James writing, "still no words. just f*ck. so proud." Lorde also likes to spotlight her man, even if it's just bespectacled James wearing her new flowered hat as he eats a georgie pie. They are both on Twitter but James’s tweets are protected.

4. He blogs ... or used to

James has a blog called Ono Field but his last post was in October. Back in July, filed under Growing Up, he referenced “Ella” in a thoughtful birthday post called "Little Voids":

"As time goes on, this blog has little to do with writing to anyone else (ie. the reader) and more to do with writing to myself. This big over share diary I keep online is something I often refer back to. This eve i’ve been staring at this screen wondering what to write (because I feel obliged to do so) after having read about the days leading up to my last birthday.

This year gone has been in limbo, still finding my place, my balance in what I want and what’s required of me. A lot can change in a year, and I find myself a little imbalanced today without the friends living overseas. I’m not big on birthdays, i’d rather keep it relatively low key but in saying that, they are important too. I spent the day with Ella, just doing little things not too out of the ordinary.. we ate ssamgyupsaal (K BBQ) for lunch and familiar foreign things alike which meant a lot to me- to be able to share the things that matter to me. I’m happy today, she’s amazing.. she fills the little voids I try to avoid."

5. He's been the victim of cyberbullies

There was some strange feud between the "Royals" singer and One Direction fans after Lorde supposedly called the band "ugly." To retaliate, some Directioners turned on Lorde and her boyfriend, dissing James’s looks and making racist comments on his Asian heritage. Lorde recently spoke about it to Rolling Stone, saying she knows the commenters are usually "the type of people who use the word 'f----t as an insult" but that doesn't mean their words don't sting. "[I'm] not completely impervious to insult. I'm a human being."

She’s only human, and so is James. It has to be tough to suddenly be in the spotlight, but that’s also a champagne problem most people would love to have.

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