Who Is Nell Tiger Free? 5 Things to Know About New Myrcella Actress
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Game of Thrones

Who Is Nell Tiger Free? 5 Things to Know About New Myrcella Actress

Returning Game of Thrones character Myrcella Baratheon will be portrayed by newcomer Nell Tiger Free, but what do we know about this new face? Here are five facts about Nell.

1. She’s on Facebook. Nell is such a newcomer to acting, her Facebook page is... just a regular Facebook page, you can even add her as a friend. We suspect this will change soon.

2. She sings. Like her future TV boyfriend Toby Sebastian, Nell is also a singer in addition to being an actress. Mayhaps the two of them will have a duet in Season 5?

3. Yes, that’s her real name. As far as we can tell, anyway. Neither IMDb nor Wikipedia list an alternate name for her.

4. She has three other acting credits. We told you she was new. Nell appeared in the 2012 film Broken, which starred Tim Roth, and in the British TV shows Mr. Stink and Endeavor.

5. She’s 14. Nell is only 14 years old, which makes her two years younger than the previous Myrcella, Aimee Richardson, so her casting seems to go against the show’s tradition of aging up characters. Also, Toby Sebastian, who will be playing her betrothed, Trystane Martell, is 18. Nell must have really wowed the showrunners with her audition!

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