Who Is Pablo Schreiber? 5 Things to Know About the Orange Is the New Black Star
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Orange is the New Black

Who Is Pablo Schreiber? 5 Things to Know About the Orange Is the New Black Star

Pablo Schreiber filled the world with a mixture of revulsion and laughter as the hateable but pathetically amusing George 'Pornstache' Mendez on Orange Is the New Black Season 1.

However, in real life, Pablo is nothing like his character. What is he like, you want to know? Well, for those of you looking to learn a little more about Pablo, we've rounded up five fun and interesting facts about his life.

1. He was on The Wire. Pablo isn't new to starring on critically acclaimed television. He had a major role in Season 2 of HBO's The Wire — which is often called one of the best shows ever — where he played the likable but sometimes misguided Nick Sobotka.

2. He's Tony nominated. Pablo was nominated for a Tony for his debut Broadway performance in Awake and Sing!

3. He was born in Canada. Pablo's father is American, but his mother is Canadian, and he was born in Canada. He has dual citizenship.

4. He's Liev Schreiber half-brother. If you thought Pablo's last name sounded familiar, it's probably because famous actor Liev Schreiber is his half-brother.

5. He was named after Pablo Neruda. Confused about why a white Canadian has a Latin sounding name? He was named after Chilean poet Pablo Neruda.

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