Who Is Porsha Stewart’s Sister, Lauren Williams?
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Who Is Porsha Stewart’s Sister, Lauren Williams?

On the past two seasons of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, we've gotten to know newcomer Porsha Williams pretty well — we even got to know some of her family. In particular, her little sister, Lauren, has made several appearances. Porsha's mini-me recently sat down for an extended interview with Baroness Countess, where she revealed even more details about herself and her relationship with her big sis.

Born Lauren D'Andria Williams in Atlanta, Georgia, Lauren isn't just Porsha's executive assistant, she's also the co-owner and supervisor at NAKED Virgin Hair, which we've come to know as Porsha's weave and extensions hair line.

In her spare time, Lauren is a born dancer. She takes daily classes in all sorts of different disciplines, including ballet, jazz, salsa, zumba, and hip hop.

Although she is currently focusing on NAKED Hair and making it as successful as possible, she does have other dreams of her own, like opening up a dance school, magazine modeling, and moving overseas.

As for her relationship with Porsha, Lauren couldn't say enough nice things.

"My sister and I are extremely close … We are now best friends and pretty much inseparable. When Porsha leaves Georgia for bookings and press runs, I go with her so a lot of our bonding time is spent traveling. We also started a hair company together! Working together so closely has been a challenge but we get better at it every day and fighting is minimal," Lauren gushed.

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Source: Baroness Countess