Who Is Sasha Farber? 5 Things to Know About the Dancing With the Stars Pro
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Dancing With The Stars

Who Is Sasha Farber? 5 Things to Know About the Dancing With the Stars Pro

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is following fellow Jersey Shore star Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino into the Dancing With the Stars ballroom. (Hopefully she’ll do better.) Which pro will bring the awesome sauce to perfect our meatball’s Season 17 dance moves? Sasha Farber! Who is Sasha? Here are five things to know about Snooki’s new ballroom BFF.

1. He was on DWTS Australia

Sasha, 31, has been with the DWTS pro troupe since Season 13 in 2011. Snooki will be Sasha’s first celebrity partner on the U.S. version of DWTS, but he has experience Down Under. Here’s what Sasha told Wetpaint Entertainment in April 2012: “I was a pro on the Australian DWTS, and I really really enjoyed that. I love to teach. I think it's every dancer's dream to be a pro on this show, and having the experience behind me is also really good. The way I like to teach is I just love to have fun. It's really hard to see celebrities stressed out. When you see them stressed out it's just like — oh no. You just need to have fun with them, and be smart, not to over rehearse. Sometimes you just have to leave the room. Go for a coffee, go for lunch, go to a theme park — I mean, I did that when I was in the Australian DWTS. Just so they can forget everything and just have fun, and go into the studio with a clean, fresh start.” We can totally see Sasha and Snooki heading to a theme park and maybe having a bit too much fun!

2. He has an impressive dance background

Anyone who has seen Sasha dance with the troupe knows he’s a standout. You can’t take your eyes off him! He was born in Russia and started dancing at age 13. By then he was in his new homeland, Australia. According to Sasha’s website bio, by age 17 he had already won the Australian Youth Latin Championships twice and represented Australia at the World Latin Championships. He was an original cast member and lead dancer in Burn the Floor on Broadway and in the West End. He was also featured in the closing ceremony at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, and he’s been a choreographer or made guest appearances on So You Think You Can Dance, and the MTV Music Awards.

3. He’ll be “fun and cheeky”

Back in that Wetpaint interview, Sasha was asked what vibe he’d bring as a pro. If Maks is the “bad boy” and Tristan is sweet, what would Sasha bring? He answered, “I think we would be the fun and cheeky couple that could pretty much get away with murder. It's just about having fun and not stressing so much — obviously stress is important, but so is fun. But let's see, which would I be? I can't be the sexy one because Maks is there! I think an all-rounder that can pretty much do anything. [...] I would definitely try to push the limits. Is is a dance competition, but it's also television. You want to make it as right and as entertaining as you possibly can. That's my forte. I've been on stage for the past eleven years and competed in all the main world championships. I have a lot of entertainment behind me. It's pretty much what I live to do.” So expect S&S (Snooksha? Sashki?) to be cheeky, try to get away with murder, and push the limits while being as entertaining as possible. Love it already!

4. Tristan petitioned for him to be made pro!

Tristan MacManus — the greatest thing that ever happened to our Monday night TV schedule — got promoted to competing pro at the same time that Sasha joined the troupe in 2011. So Tristan knows how it feels to get that boost. (Other past troupers who were promoted include Peta Murgatroyd and Sharna Burgess.) Sasha has been dying for this chance, and in October 2012, Tristan tweeted a link to a petition: "#Twitition Make Sasha Farber a pro on DWTS http://twitition.com/fthde." Tristan isn't a big tweeter, but he and Sasha are close and the Irish fave has repeatedly promoted Sasha for the job. As Tristan replied to a fan asking who would go if Sasha stepped in, "Anyone! the show will always go on no matter who steps out and who steps in but everyone deserves a chance to try."

5. He’s dating fellow DWTS pro Emma Slater

Emma joined the pro troupe the year after Sasha. She’s another Burn the Floor veteran and she and Sasha are just too cute together. We love to see them dance and love it just as much when he tweets things like this: “Great way to finish the day sitting next to @EmmaSlaterDance watching movie .” He followed that with “@EmmaSlaterDance love u pickle.” Aww! Back in 2012, Extra did a feature on Sasha and Emma as "the next generation" of DWTS pro stars. And now they’ve arrived!

Follow Sasha @SashaFarber and wish him luck on his first U.S. season as a competing pro!

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