Who is Season 19 Bachelor Chris Soules?
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Who is Season 19 Bachelor Chris Soules?

What do you think ladies, is it time we all get together and send the biggest thank you card on the planet to Andi Dorfman for letting go of Chris Soules and his dimples? For reals, she (and ABC) just made all our fantasies come true now that the hottest farmer on the planet has been officially announced as the next Bachelor 2015. Swoon!

So what do we know about this guy other than that he’s adorable? Get your pens out, ladies, it’s time to take notes. C.Soules is a 32-year-old from Arlington, Iowa, population 782 — and yes, if you are lucky enough to win the Bachelor’s heart, you would have to move there. He runs the family farm with his father and helps manage other area crop producers through Summit Farms corporate — so he’s kind of a big deal (re: millionaire) in the land of silos. Which means, ladies, you’ve gotta get down with the 50606 zip code if you want to get down with Chris, which we’re pretty sure you do.

Now that you know you’ll be doing all your shopping online, here’s what else to look forward to with Chris (other than adorable babies with dimples like moon craters). He’s romantic (hiring a plane to say “I love you”), he’s a man of means (remember that house?), he’s a gentleman who can rock a bow tie (and a suit, and a vest, and anything else he puts on his body), he’s respected by other men, and perhaps most important, when Andi had to rate her final three men she said Chris had the best hands. Think on that for a moment and imagine all the things Chris can do with those hands...

Casting is already complete for the ladies who will compete for Chris’s heart and filming will begin in just a few weeks, meaning we’re going to start getting info on his 25 ladies soon. Until we do get some deets on his crop of hopefuls — which could possibly include his future wife! — you can take a peek at what he is looking for in a lady love.

Are you excited Chris is the next Bachelor or do you think it should have been Arie? Tell us in the comments.