Who Is the Best Mentor on The X Factor 2012?
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Who Is the Best Mentor on The X Factor 2012?

Regardless of your feelings about the actual contestants on The X Factor 2012, it’s clear that every one of the judges is causing some pretty strong reactions.

People (us included) were worried Britney Spears wouldn’t be able to handle the pressure of judging and mentoring on the show. But considering all four of her Teens are still in the competition, she must be doing something right.

Demi Lovato has gotten a ton of flak from her fellow judges for the way she’s handled her Young Adult contestants. Simon accused her of trying to turn the recently eliminated Jennel Garcia into her clone, and she’s made CeCe Frey over so hard, it’s tough to recognize her. However, her clear love for her mentees is obvious and commendable.

L.A. Reid openly expressed his distaste when he was assigned the Over 25s group before judges’ houses. In fact, he told his group he was disappointed that he got them and he pretty much threw a fit whenever he had to listen to the olds. But now that Tate Stevens is the new golden child and Vino Alan is doing swell in his own right, he may have changed his tune.

Simon Cowell may seem mean and insensitive to everyone with eyes and ears, but his Groups have all said amazingly kind things about him. Despite his crotchetiness, he did create One Direction and is responsible for countless other good business moves, so there’s that.

So, what do you think. Which of the four judges would you want to be your mentor and who do you think is doing the best job of coaching their contestants so far? Weigh in below.

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Judging and mentoring skills go hand in hand

None of them are that great...

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