Who Is Your Favorite New Character on Revenge Season 2?
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Who Is Your Favorite New Character on Revenge Season 2?

Sure, we could sit around all day swapping lobster tails and sipping on champagne while we talk about the flawless nature of Victoria Grayson or the lovable nerd that is Nolan Ross, but now that we’re four episodes into Season 2 of Revenge, it’s time to branch out!

We’ve already encountered a myriad of new Hamptonites on our favorite shoreside drama, but who’s your favorite thus far?

Could it be Nolan’s exotic new love interest, Padma Lahari? She’s quickly landed a spot as CFO of Nolcorp and a place in the Nolster’s heart. We were touched when she helped Nolan through the loss of his father, and her positive sass is just what the tech genius needs with so much doom and gloom in his life.

Or perhaps you’re into Em’s new British babe Aiden Mathis. This sexy newbie from across the pond has landed a spot on Ms. Thorne’s ever-growing list of lovers, but he also knows his way around weaponry, and is especially skilled when it comes to revenging.

Another slightly shady socialite is one Kenny Ryan. This millionaire was robbed by Declan Porter, but it turns out, he orchestrated the whole thing. From the looks of things, he has his heart set on stealing The Stowaway, but we hope he’s up for Emily Thorne’s wrath if he puts Jack in any danger.

Working alongside Mr. Ryan is Declan Porter’s new “friend” Trey Chandler. This privileged preppy is stirring up all sorts of drama for the Decster. He got him into house robbing in order to help Kenny secure The Stowaway, and we have a feeling that’s only the beginning.

And we’d be remiss to forget one of this season’s biggest characters, Kara Wallace Clarke. The mystery mama is back in a big way this season. She’s already been seen tasering, drowning, and wearing peasant blouses (Victoria Grayson’s greatest fear). And we hear she plays a major role in this week’s upcoming episode!

So who is your favorite from this season? Vote below!

No way! I have another one.

Kara Wallace Clarke!

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