Game of Thrones: Who is Yuri Kolokolnikov? 5 Things to Know
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Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones: Who is Yuri Kolokolnikov? 5 Things to Know

Game of Thrones has finally found its Styr, with the recent news that Yuri Kolokolnikov will be portraying the villainous wildling attack leader. The news was met with a collective “Who?” from the West, so lets find out a little more about this new face on Game of Thrones.

1. He’s Russian. Not surprising, considering that his name is Yuri Kolokolnikov, but Yuri was born in Moscow (U.S.S.R. at the time, Russia now) on December 15, 1980, so he should be well-acclimated to the cooler climates North of the Wall.

2. He’s gone by alternate names. If you haven’t heard of Yuri Kolokolnikov, then perhaps you’ve heard of Yuri Kolokol? Or maybe Uri Kolokol? No? Well, if you were from Russia you might have, since these are some other names that Yuri has gone by professionally.

3. He’s got an impressive resume. While sometimes hard to believe, movies are often made outside of Hollywood (gasp!), and Yuri’s been in a lot of ‘em. His IMDB page lists 30 acting credits for film and television since 2000, virtually all of them produced in Russia, basically making Yuri the Samuel L. Jackson of his country. The guy’s in everything!

4. He dabbles in producing. In addition to acting, Yuri has executive produced the 2009 Russian film Na More!, a comedy about three families trying to make it to the beach for vacation but being deterred by various comedic hindrances. Ice Cube stars (probably).

5. He’s a time traveler (possibly). IMDb curiously lists Yuri as appearing as himself in a 1950 documentary titled The Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps and the Royal Canadian Dental Corps (catchy title), despite the fact that he was born 30 years after its production. Maybe Yuri should look into a guest role on Doctor Who once he’s finished with GoT.

Source: IMDB

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