Jonah Hill Roomed With What Other Funny Guy Nearly a Decade Ago?
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Jonah Hill Roomed With What Other Funny Guy Nearly a Decade Ago?

Watching awards shows, it can feel like everyone in Hollywood knows each other and in some cases, they actually do! Famous funny guy Jonah Hill once roomed with another comedian who has similarly gone on to see his name in lights. Who’s the lucky dude?

That’s what we asked Viggle LIVE! users. Our three nominees: James Franco, Seth Rogen, and Justin Long. Before we reveal the answers, let’s just take a moment to appreciate how hilarious it would be if all four lived together. Think Animal House meets Superbad minus Michael Cera plus more togas.

The top choice by far for Jonah’s former roommate was Seth with a whopping 69 percent of the vote. But unfortunately for humor, that wasn’t the correct answer leaving just two dudes in the race: James and Justin.

The first isn’t exactly who we think of when we think funny but as James has tried to prove via his Instagram, he totally has a sense of humor (also see: Pineapple Express). Justin, on the other hand, has earned a rep as the guy next door who also happens to be super funny and once dated Drew Barrymore.

So who once shared space with the Hill? The results were neck and neck with the correct answer — Justin — taking 16 percent of the vote compared to James’ 15 percent. Jonah and Justin (new bromance name: Jontin) roomed together after meeting on the TV show Campus Ladies. We hope Justin tried to sell him a Mac.

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