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American Idol Announces Judges For Season 14 — Who’s Coming Back? (VIDEO)

Thought you could get rid of Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, and Harry Connick, Jr.? Ha! This troublesome trio are coming back for American Idol Season 14, according to the official American Idol Twitter, and honestly, we couldn’t be happier.

All three judges and particularly newbie HCJ proved they have that special something during their tour of duty on the reality TV show this past season. While they sometimes butted heads, the results were always hilarious rather than mean-spirited, like a couple other divas who’ve previously sat behind those red Coca-Cola glasses.

Also returning for the next round of Idol: host Ryan Seacrest! Back when the last season was drawing to a close, there were some nasty rumors that Mr. Seacrest would bow out early (or, as some had it, be forced out). Thankfully, though, Fox wouldn’t have it any differently than we would and Ryan’s coming back!

The show itself, however, might look different than its previous 13 incarnations. After dismal ratings for most of last season, the network is reportedly looking to cut the fat on the expensive show, going for a leaner, meaner, and potentially one-night version that will reboot the classic series. Tune in next year to see what’s in store!

Will you be watching Season 14? Why or why not?

Source: American Idol on Twitter