Who Have The American Idol Judges Saved? A Look Back in History
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Who Have The American Idol Judges Saved? A Look Back in History

Everyone likely remembers Chris Daughtry’s shocking elimination during American Idol Season 5. Fans went wild. There was talk of the show being fixed. People threatened to stop watching. In the end, though, it was likely a case in which everyone thought he was as safe due to his popularity, so they put their votes towards saving other contestants.

It’s interesting to note that the show didn’t introduce the Judges’ Save until Season 8, with many attributing the addition to the producers’ way of avoiding another voting SNAFU. And who the Saves have been used on is certainly interesting to examine as well.

The first person to have the Save used on him was Season 8’s Matt Giraud. The piano-playing Justin Timberlake doppelganger escaped elimination as part of the Top 7. The next week Lil Rounds and Anoop Desai went home. Sadly though, Matt only made it one more week beyond that.

The following season, Michael “Big Mike” Lynche was the recipient of the Save as part of the Top 9. The next week, Katie Stevens and Andrew Garcia went home in his place. Michael held on for a few more weeks before reaching the end of his Idol journey.

Season 10 was somewhat scandalous, as the bass-playing, raspy-voiced Casey Abrams (who had missed some performances due to colitis) was snatched back by the judges when he was part of the Top 11. Casey ultimately finished in sixth place and joined his fellow contestants on the summer tour. (His save meant the first time in Idol history that 11 singers became part of the tour.)

Season 11’s use of the Judges’ Save was also quite intriguing, as it actually happened twice. In order to narrow down the Top 13, the judges were forced to choose between the male and female contestant with the lowest number of votes. The judges opted to save bluesy Elise Testone and send Jeremy Rosado packing for home. It was during the Top 7 that Jessica Sanchez earned the second save, and thank God she did. The pint-sized singer went on to make it all the way to the finale, squaring off against eventual winner Phillip Phillips.

Interestingly enough, no Save was used during Season 12. In fact, following their Top 4 performances, Candice Glover, Kree Harrison, Angie Miller, and Amber Holcomb got another week to perform, with their votes getting carried over from the non-elimination week. After a second round performing as the Top 4, Amber Holcomb was eventually eliminated from the show.

One has to wonder who will get the save this year. What’s your best guess? Sound off in the comments on who you think the judges would deem “save-worthy”!